Sheon is wonderful!  She helped me infuse color and style into my wardrobe.  I kept going back to dark colors with no style, but Sheon helped me choose colors and style that are flattering to me.  She demonstrated ways of showcasing my  personality through color and style.  She encouraged me to choose pieces that can be utilized in many ways.  Her input was invaluable then and now.  Whenever I go shopping, I am reminded of her tips as to what looks best on my figure.  I love shopping now more than ever! Through a makeover of clothing, a stronger, more confident woman emerged. — Delthine W.

Before meeting Sheon, I was literally wearing the wrong size. She took one look at me and said, “Those pants you’re wearing are too big,”  and she was right! She taught me the fine art of layering (it has helped me to stretch my wardrobe), made me fall in love with ruffles on just about any top that I see and showed me how to highlight my chest rather than hiding it under big shirts. She has an unbelievable eye for what does and does not look good on people and she can shop the heck out of a sales rack. She has totally changed my fashion sense. — Lamara H.

I am delighted with the “new me” - thanks to you! You gave me much-needed color advice, including new makeup. Your fashion advice brought me out of the ’80s. I’m wearing jeans for the first time in 20 years and am amazed that they’re comfortable.  Thank you for the most dramatic change in my look - my new hairstyle!  You gave me the motivation to make a change after 30 years with the same curly, layered style.  You led me to the experts who suggested a new color, updated cut and style!  I’m very pleased wilth the change and I’m still receiving compliments! Thank you for doing all this with tact and grace. You are phenomenal! — Donna S.