“My look is outdated, and I don’t know where to start.” 

Style consultation: You have to get dressed and you’re expected to figure it out by yourself. But you may not know exactly what suits your figure, your life and your personality. A style consultation gets to the root of where you are now and where you want to go. After answering a few questions, you’ll get my blueprint for how to update your style. 




“I don’t have time to shop, but looking good is important to me.”

Personal shopping: We’re all busy and looking for ways to simplify. If you’re in the public eye, your appearance affects how people perceive you, and that affects your pocketbook. Shortcut your best look by letting me shop for you. You’ll get the benefit of my knowledge of stores and boutiques throughout the area. I’ll bring the looks to you. 


“I don’t like shopping.” 

Personal shopping: Of course you avoid shopping if you’ve made bad experiences in the past. But shopping with knowledge and a plan makes all the difference. I’ll guide you through. I’ll shop with you or shop for you so you get the results you’ve always desired. 



“I have clothes but not the ones I need.”

Closet audit: Many of my clients have lots of clothes but not the ones they need. It’s a common problem, and I have a solution. I’ll assess what you have and help you fill in the blanks. We’ll go through your closet and bring order to the chaos. I’ll help you figure out what to tailor, what to weed out, and how to wear what you have in a different way.



“I like color but how do I wear it?”

Color analysis: Color is a no-cost item that can transform your style. Did you know wearing the wrong shade can make you look tired and old? Few people know which hues best complement their coloring, but I do and I’ll clue you in. A color analysis gives you unique knowledge that leads to your own before-and-after transformation.



“I don’t wear makeup because I don’t know how. What’s an easy routine?”

Makeup and skincare: Makeup adds polish to any look, whether it’s a simple foundation and lipstick, or a full-on red carpet look. Women and men both need a skincare routine, because beautiful skin is the foundation of a great look. I sell makeup and skincare by Flori Roberts, Color Me Beautiful, Gayle Hayman and several prestige brands. I’ll help you find your perfect routine too. 

“I love makeup, but I have trouble finding products that suit me.” 

Makeup and skincare: A personal makeup demonstration focuses on your skincare and makeup needs. You’ll feel free to ask questions and try products you’ve been dying to see on. I sell makeup and skincare by Flori Roberts, Color Me Beautiful, Gayle Hayman and several prestige brands. I’ll help you find your perfect colors too.


“I have no style, but I want some! I’d love to have my own transformation.” 

Makeover: Sometimes you need an outside opinion to get a handle on what’s missing from your style. I’ve shown scores of people how to update their visual resumes and dress smartly. I’ll help you find the modern, confident look you want. I’ll update your clothes, accessories and makeup so you look fresh and vibrant. I’m not a hairdresser, but I have a network of trusted hairstylists, manicurists and makeup artists. I’ll help you find just a style team that keeps your look fresh and new.