About Sheon


I love style and fashion, and I’ve studied how to make every body shape, size and style look good. It’s my passion.

My personal style has evolved over the years as I’ve used color, shape, pattern and texture to introduce new looks to my wardrobe and keep things interesting.

I started by deciding to wear one eye-catching item every day to make getting dressed fun. I took risks - blood-red tights and miniskirt - and learned about what worked - sheath dresses . I learned to minimize figure flaws and play up my best features.

As my taste in clothes evolved, my style matured, and I looked and felt better in my clothes. Other people who noticed my confidence asked for advice on how to do the same for themselves.

My first client, a petite professional who wanted to sparkle at a special family event, launched my career as a personal stylist.

That successful styling assignment led to others, and in 2008 I launched my makeover feature in The News & Observer, Refresh Your Style. I’ve made over dozens of N&O readers who were tired of their same old routine. I shopped with them, picked new outfits and usually provided free hair and makeup appointments.  that changed their outlooks. Some makeover recipients bought the clothes I recommended, and I arranged for many to get their outfits free.

I'm certified in color analysis, and I've been fascinated to see how color theory can help me dress better and wear more attractive makeup.

Now my passion for fashion and style can benefit you. There’s no need to suffer alone while you try to figure out style for yourself.

Together, we’ll shop with purpose, find what works for you, and stop wasting your money on clothes you don’t wear. You’ll have a consistent, attractive style that turns heads for all the right reasons.